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AI recruitment software bringing strategic hiring to every business

Hire the right talent with intelligent candidate search and screening technology that scales with your business.

Hire faster

Intuitive hiring tools to enhance your workflow

Manage applicants and automate tasks with our cloud-based recruitment solutions, designed to scale with high efficiency and adaptability.

User-friendly Applicant Tracking System (ATS):

Our smart hiring software simplifies recruitment, making it easy to find and manage candidates without the complexity.

Tailored screening assessments:

Automate repetitive interview questions and send assessments tailored to a candidate's skills and experience, streamlining your screening process.

Talent pool manager:

Efficiently search and manage your talent pipeline, seamlessly integrated with our career page widget or Talent Pool API.

Branded careers page:

Launch a mobile-friendly careers page to simplify job management and attract top candidates.
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AI recruitment software showing an advanced applicant tracking system to source talent and automate hiring processes.

Hire smarter

Transform your hiring strategy with AI

Revolutionise candidate screening with our smart hiring tools. Connect with top talent faster, enhance your decision making and optimise efficiency across the hiring process.

AI-powered applicant evaluations & scoring:

Instantly assess candidate fit with automated scoring and detailed evaluations on core competencies.


Accelerate internal talent sourcing and get concise, auto-generated summaries that save you time in the review process.

AI-powered candidate screening questions:

Tailor interview screening questions to each applicant and create online assessments for deeper insights.

Smart candidate suggestions:

Identify the right talent effortlessly. Our systems automatically match candidate skills and experience with your role requirements for efficient in-house recruitment.
Hiring manager enjoying AI recruitment software including an AI-powered interview questions and candidate matching tool for an enhanced recruitment strategy.

Why Hello Radius

Advance your recruitment with cost-effective hiring solutions

We make ethical AI recruitment software accessible to businesses of all sizes, saving you time, effort, and resources.

Make informed hiring decisions:

Get in-depth candidate insights to make smart hiring choices that align with your evolving business goals.

Reduce time-to-hire:

Accelerate your candidate selection process. Efficiently source, screen, and hire talent to reduce time-to-hire significantly.

Minimise recruitment costs:

Cut hiring expenses with affordable, feature-rich plans with direct access to top talent to maximise your recruitment budget.

GDPR compliant:

We prioritise GDPR compliance, safeguarding your data to ensure your peace of mind.

Fair and transparent hiring technology:

Committed to using AI responsibly without bias, we empower hiring managers and candidates without compromising privacy or fairness.
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